today is national donut day

how do you eat your donuts? As cheeseburger buns? Gross. Put it down. 

Whatever you do, dont fly Qantas


Flight attendants doing a routine cabin check before a flight, found a rat in the compartment storing medical equipment, grounding the plane for more than a day.

And what was the rat doing on the plane you may ask?

The rodents had been in a cabinet holding a defibrillator. 

I cant write about this anymore bc rats are so gross.  

and sometimes, meth leads to genius:

Case in point:

Long live meth fueled decisions in hot weather. 

Brangelina Rules The World

Log on to Netflix, go directly to jail

Tennessee be wack, yo!

A new law has been passed making it illegal to sign into a friend's netflix account, even if they have given you the password. 

Anyone found guilty of "stealing" up to $500 could face a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. "Stealing" more than $500 and it's a felony charge with more jail time and bigger fees. 

Pretty stupid. 

What are you doing this weekend?

Go on a picnic!