Makes me want to take a bath in a casket

Check this clip of Morgan Freeman as Count Dracula on The Electric Company...taking a bath in a coffin.

This is some weird shit, if I saw this as a child I would be scarred for life!

download this IMMEDS

500 days of Summer soundtrack + Lil Wayne.

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You're welcome.


Spotted: Carmen Sandiego

Antoine Dodson

ok, so the story behind this is awful. but sweet baby jesus this is hands down the best interview i have ever had the privilege of viewing. its like david caruso on meth.

This looks itchy.

Clearly the world is running out of ideas if people are resorting to this.


a strong contender for worst idea ever, i bring you, hairy lingerie.

I have a lot to say about this. first, WHY? second, would it make more sense if these were flesh colored? I mean, if you are going to do it, why not do it all the way? Also who wears panties OVER fishnets? I really cant handle this.

Purchase your very own hairy bits here


Calling all sick and twisted lovebirds!!!!!

Great news, this Summer's OZZFEST is offering a new Unholy Matrimony package. Thats right, you can get married at OZZFEST!

ALL you have to bring is a marriage license, and let Ozzy handle the rest! The package includes:
  • 10 General Admission tickets for the happy couple + 8 friends
  • Official ceremony by an ordained minister by the name of MC Big Dave (really, you want to be married by MC BIG DAVE!?!?!)
  • An OZZFEST cake and champagne toast (no doubt Andre champers)
  • Early admission and a pre-show backstage tour (hosted by none other than big Dave)
  • And lots of other crap like t-shirts, tour posters, headphones, guitar picks, etc.
BUT WAIT. It gets better. Each couple to participate in Unholy Matrimony, will be entered to win the GRAND prize: A wedding gift from the Unholy Matrimony wedding registry to include a Monster Energy Refrigerator (with 12 cases of Monster) and a guitar that looks like this:

Unholy Matrimony Packages are sold out in California, New Jersey and Connecticut, but a few spots are still available in Chicago, Pittsburgh and Boston!

More info on the Ozzfest Official Website

Survival Skills 101

How to open a wine bottle with a shoe should you ever be stranded on a desert island, LOST style, without an opener (que horror!!)


Look Out Hova!!!

Meet Hikakin, a Japanese beat boxer who proves that Asians do everything better.

Check him beat boxing Super Mario Bros:

Check out more of his videos HERE


weird diseases i dont want to get

Capgras Delusion:
If you suffer from capgras syndrome, you believe that important people in your life have been "abducted" and replaced by identical appearing imposters.

Cotard's Syndrome:
If you suffer from cotard's, you walk around thinking you are already dead.

I MEANNNN. First, both of these are nice words for FUCKING CRAZY.


lohan: a life in photographs

this is my favorite picture of ALL time.
I dont care what anyone says, Lohan eats this shit up like the middle segment of a human centipede.
In honor of Lohan's release from jail, and subsequent check-in to rehab, please enjoy her life in pictures: