meth kills.

Meth is truly the grossest drug. I am all for a good time but there is nothing sexy about it...you are "doing" batteries and rat poison. i gag.

If you MUST do a drug, I think it should do something for you, it should give back. Like how cokeheads are usually really skinny. It's the drug's way of doing some charity work.

Meth is not charitable. Look at what it did to this woman over only 8 years. Let's say 1 picture per year for arguments sake.
Anti-meth advertising is my new obsession. It's sooo sick and twisted (in the best possible way), but perhaps little budding meth heads around the world will put the meth down and start making squirrel-hand earrings, or something equally productive.

Please enjoy my two favorite ads:

"Beating an old man for money isn't normal. But on meth it is"
"You'll never worry about lipstick on your teeth again"

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