new hero alert!

Ieshuh Griffin is my new hero.

While running for public office in Madison, WI, candidates are allowed to pick five words to appear next to their names, in the hopes of some last minute campaigning.

Fierce Diva of the Day, Independent candidate for State Assembly Ieshuh Griffin chose only four words, "NOT the 'whiteman's bitch'"


She is EXACTLY who we need in office!

Now, the "White Man" is trying to make Griffin their bitch, by rejecting her four words of freedom, but not to be outdone, she is now suing the Government Accountability Board for fucking with her freedom of speech.

Her fiercess speaks, adding:

"I'm not making a derogatory statement toward an ethnic group. I'm stating what I'm not," Griffin told board members. "It's my constitutional right to freedom of speech."

Griffin also runs a YouTube Channel "Free April Griffin" speaking out on behalf of her sister who served eight-months in jail for refusing to disclose the whereabouts of her son during a custody battle.

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  1. i may have to nominate Glozell (see: youtube, glozell, rude boy et al) to one up this chick.