You guys. This just got serious. I have long been fascinated with meth users. I mean WHY. 

But this really takes the cake. Look at this. Look at this normal girl who was turned into elephant girl in three short years by METH:

Those little symbols stand for her skin going to shit, her teeth rotting out of her face and an increase in her age appearance. 

I can't handle this for one more second. 

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Katy Perry the Wedding Unicorn

Boy meets girl,
At burning man.
Boy marries girl,
with Katy Perry the (magical) Wedding Unicorn.

Katy Perry the Wedding Unicorn in all her glory.

This is no ordinary Katy Perry or Wedding Unicorn (obv) - she "pees" lemonade, shoots pink FIRE and sneezes glitter.

A guest enjoys Katy Perry the Wedding Unicorn's Lemonade Pee!

I mean. All I can really think to say is hallelujah. Suddenly I know what has been missing in my life. 

Katy Perry the Wedding Unicorn was a wedding gift from the bride + groom's friends (fellow burning man-mates, obv). She was built in Brooklyn before being carefully transported to Vermont for the nuptials. She took four months to create and cost nearly $3,000 in materials! 

Katy Perry the Wedding Unicorn shoots fire from it's uni-horn

And from another angle

Moment of true glory: Katy Perry the Wedding Unicorn shoots fire
AND sneezes glitter

The bride. 
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exactly as i remember it...