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walk of shame fame

Halloween makes walks of shames SO exciting. Send in your spottings!!

chat roulette reactions

nailed it.

Spotted: ACTUAL nails on the streets of Shreveport, LA. Does anyone know what causes this? This is INSANE:

Now, speaking of nails, I've noticed a new nail trend that needs to immediately be addressed: long pointy nails. 

Here is a dramatic example:

These are noting more than prison shivs attached to fingers. 

Now that celebs are shaping their claws into daggers, the masses are sure to follow. They must be stopped.

Princess Riri:


At the end of the day, there is no difference between these nails and a chicken claw. 


missing unicorn, please help


last minute costume ideas....


lets get inked

it's been a while since we have gone on a photo journey. it's tatt time, inspired by the beauty that is gucci tucci. 

first and foremost, there seems to be an emerging trend of lady gaga inspired tattoos. hey, i like gaga as much as the next kid but these are beyond. please peep:

there is NO way those were all sober decisions. 

added bonus time. a selection of the worst tattoo decisions ever: