brains + braun

there is a new sport in town. and it's crazy. and sort of cool. and sort of insane. 

chess boxing.

Breakin' it down:

  • 2 players alternate rounds of chess and boxing. 
  • The "match" starts with a round of chess, then boxing, and on and on.
  • Each matchola is 11 rounds; 6 of chess and 5 of boxing
  • The winner is determined by: 
    • Checkmate
    • Time running out before making a move in chess
    • Knock out
This is so bizarre. And so awesome. Imagine getting punched in the face and then having to play chess 1 minute later. 

Leo Granit Kraft is the reigning champ, looking like a fighter AND a thinker:

Watch this for a full report:

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