breakfast of champions

ladies and gentlemen, 

behold the meat martini:

Breakin' it down:
  • martini glass made of bacon and only bacon
  • filled w scrambled eggs
  • ice cubes made of haslet (pork meatloaf)
  • garnished with a black pudding slice (apparently black pudding is a sausage composed of blood and fat of pig)
  • dont forget the mushroom umbrella
  • finished off with a sausage swizzle stick and a cherry tomato

Now, while this is amazing what is even more amazing is the man behind the meat martini. the man, the myth, the legend: Joel Veitch 

 His website www.rathergood.com is pretty bat shit, but worth checking out.

Ease in with a COMPLETE photo documentation of him creating and eating the Meat Martini HERE

I also recommend BACON ROCKET

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