i never do yard work, go rock climbing or engage in any sort of physical labor without my teva stilettos...

This truly is an all time low for Teva, which already is kind of an all time low, let's be honest. These actions shots are sent express-priority-return-receipt mail from the gods, mostly because the models are wearing SOCKS with their Teva Stilettos. I meannnnnnnn. Come ON, Teva! It's bad enough that we have to see middle-aged yuppies and Euros rocking the sock/sandal combo, but now this...

If you're going to be yard work chic, please follow cues from Eva Gabor, NOT Teva.

If you MUST own these (as a gag gift or science experiment only), you can do so HERE (btw, they are $330. that seems high for a Teva stiletto to me)

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