it's been a long time since i've rock and rolled...

i know. it's been a year since I blogged. your life has suffered and laughter has ceased to exist. i am sorry. i've been busy curing diseases and rescuing babies. now im back and better than ever. rejoice and look to the future.

there is little i love more than a photo journey. and a lifelong bad decision. so what better way to re-debut than a photo journey of matching couples tattoos. this is a real trend that I have recently been alerted to, and it's amazing. we're not talking a tasteful ring tatt (if there is such a thing? not sure there is) but pure flying of freak flags, and i love it. 

highschool notebok doodles...for life

Tim Burton Love: Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter

Brad and Melissa's skin grosses me out. EXFOLIATE!!!

Adding the machine gun to your Hello Kitty tattoo is a great way to be more manly

Nothing says I love you forever like a dreamcatcher. SO romantic!

I love you like toast loves a toaster....

This is just pure magic

I am most interested to see what this looks like when they are apart

And apparently this is a popular design.  prettttty lopsided. 

Where was this taken? YMCA locker room? 

I have to say, this is my favorite, On SEVERAL levels. 

Seems more like a death sentence...

HOVA! At least make them the same size?

Find a way to what? Or to whom? Die. 


  1. The puzzle pieces don't match. Other than that pure joy.

  2. very true. they are merely mirror images of each other. quite the metaphor.