where's the beef?

Well, a cow in the Republic of Georgia has sprung a two-headed calf from her loins:

Sadly, the cow is refusing to nurse the baby two-head, so farmers are feeding it with a bottle. To answer your burning question, the calf eats with both heads. 

This brings up a great point, the world is ending. Maybe there is something to this whole 2012 thing and everyone should be out crossing items off the 'ole bucket list. Skeptical about the dawning of the apocalypse? Evidence:
Dead birds falling from the sky:

Dead fish and crabs washing ashore:

It's the final season of Oprah:

Sarah Palin:

The following people have written books on The New York Times bestseller list. The minds of our time:
Lauren Conrad:

Tori Spelling
 Kate Gosselin:
 Paris Hilton:

I dont think much more evidence is needed. enjoy the end of days!

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