The worst pick up line of 2010 goes to...

... Mark Anthony Richardson Jr. This man is up for biggest fail of the year and not just because he looks like Sonic the Hedgehog and Neil Patrick Harris had a deranged baby child.

Mr. Jr Richardson has been posing as an autistic man so that baby sitters (who he does not need) will clean his diaper, sexually arousing him.

EW. This man is vile and should be publicly humiliated and tarred and feathered and castrated. And probably some other stuff too.

Now, this pint-sized almost midge (he is only 4' 9" - thats like Snooki sized) is currently being held in jail after being charged with a variety of a felony count of sexual battery and SEVEN misdemeanors.

Anyone in Oklahoma should track this dude down and fuck him up.

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