fatty cakes

As if we needed more reasons not to be obese...a new study out of George Washington University is the icing on the cake.

NY Post is reporting

Being obese costs women at least $4,879 more a year than if they were regular-sized -- and nearly twice what their fatty male counterparts have to pay for carrying around too much extra weight

The study goes on to say that while fat men make the same as their fit counterparts, fat women earn about $1,855 less a year.

BUT both obese boys and girls have to pay more than their skinny counterparts, reaching into their wallets for higher medical bills, more sick days, more gas to schlep their big 'ole bodies in their cars and while the study doesnt point it out, lets be honest, they spend more on food.

SO my skinny minny readers, think about this next time you are reaching for a KFC double down

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