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Please meet the lovely Erica Anderson, devoted mother and a bank robber!

Here are the facts:
  • Erica walks into a bank in some po-dunk Oregon town and hands the teller a note asking for money, honey.
  • The note ALSO instructed the teller to wait 15 minutes before calling the cops "or two kids wouldnt make it home from school today".
  • Erica leaves with $1300 cash and gets in her getaway car, driven by a 19-year-old named Joshua. This is a great time to mention that Erica is 37.
  • Police arrive at the bank (teller didnt wait 15 minutes, FYI) and became concerned for the safety of the children.
  • No, no coppers, she was just worried she would be late to pick them up from school (it's ALL about time management when you are a bank robbing soccer mom)
  • Cops arrived at Erica's house shortly after she returned home from picking up the kiddies from school and promptly arrested her. The kids were eating ice cream sammies. YUM!

The local detective, Dennis Ward, had these words of brilliance:
"We average between three and five bank robberies a year,” says Ward. “But I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything quite like this.” 

A few things:

1. This rando town in Oregon averages 3-5 bank robberies a year!? That seems a little high. Are people getting away with it? Should I move to Oregon and live my fantasy of becoming a member of Oceans 11? or 12? or 13?

2. Why was her getaway driver a 19-year-old? Is Erica Anderson also a cougar? God, I hope so.

3. Who would rob a bank for $1300? Divided by her and her young cub. Thats only $650 each. You could probably rob a person and get away with more. I think if you are going to rob a bank, you should net at least 20k.

4. After robbing a bank, why would you go straight home??? Take your $1300 and go to six flags. Or ANYWHERE besides the FIRST place the cops will look for you. Clearly she is not a Law & Order watcher or she would have known better.

5. Vurrrrry much looking forward to the Lifetime movie made about this story.

6. I bet this bitch smokes meth.

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