something is not right.

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Meet Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay:
And here is Mr. Clay w Sir Kanye:

The story is a long, windy road...but basically this little kid (Yale class of '13..gah that makes me feel old!) anyway, he is apparently Kanye's new bff (read: lovah).Cassius (the child) was shopping at Barney's, looking at shoes, and Kanye compliments said shoes and I guess the two have been inseparable ever since? This makes no sense. I thought Kanye hated white people. And why this kid of all people? 

Seriously, I am SO confused. 

The deep level of confusion is stopping me from even commenting further at this time, I can only point you to IvyGate (it's like Gossip Girl meets Gawker for Ivy Leagues - awesome) to read the story in full. 

Someone please make sense of this madness. 

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