hide ya kids, hide ya wives

Bad reality TV is my life fuel. It's amazing to me that these people exist in real life. AMAZING. Even the writers of LOST (who are the smartest, best writers on earth) couldnt make this shit up.

Real Housewives (of all cities) happens to be one of the most genius franchises on earth. From table flipping to death threats to gold diggers to weave ripping to fake cancer - these shows are the sweet nectar of the gods.

And just when I think I have seen it all, something even better happens. While this is HIGHLY inapprops for primetime TV (read: I am officially old when TV offends me. Pffhh) it is also MIND BLOWING that these are REAL people who REALLY thought this was a good idea.

Please view the selected screen shots below from Real Housewives of ATL star Phaedra Parks and her ex-con husband doing a pregnancy photo shoot:

(a special thank you to Lord Lloyd for helping me aquire these images)

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  1. Boughetto. That's all I can say. Boughetto to the max.