reasons why nola is superior

Please see the below Craigslist ad for yet another reason why NOLA is far superior to the rest of the country/world/universe. Ad was placed to fill a position at a popular headshop in the french quarter:

Unicorns need rounding up..please help! (NOLA)

Attention professional, EXPERIENCED RETAIL magicians, conjurers, prestidigitators, and talented arcane artisans.
Step right up onto the Blue X and weigh thine soul against those who have passed before you.
Dark forces gather against the world of mankind and we need your assistance.
Nearly one year ago we suffered a tragic fire in our hallowed halls.
Now we are renewed, rebuilt, restored...resurrected (sic)!
Be a part of our rebirth. Join us for the New Era of The Herb Import Company!
You must possess determination, valor, and an ability spin hay into gold.
Your heart must be pure, your feet quick and your eyesight keen.
If selected you must perform a 60 second interpretive dance during interview.
Archery or a knowledge of Zombie termination would be helpful.
Unicorn riding experience a plus, but not required.
If necessary you will be personally trained by The Unicorn Master.
For an interview you must first:

Apply in person at 4901 Canal Street.
Call 504-488-4889

Equal Opportunity Employer, GLBT friendly.
Sorry, no invertebrates need apply!

Location: NOLA
Compensation: $10.00/hour and up...let's talk.

Interested??? Click HERE to email to poster.

Happy Uni Hunting!

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