A Photo Journey: Ghetto Prom

few things make me happier than ghetto proms. 

2 dates. so pimp. 

daughter in matching dress. of course. 

i'm not a girl. not yet a woman. 

gang signs on the nip. 

my favorite part of this is him staring at her ass, which i assume to be hanging out. 

no shirt. love her. 

i think this is a wedding, but i had to add it because it's so amazing. 

this is what happens when white girls try to be ghetto. 

"Gucci, Gucci. Louis Louis.."

"Girl make sure you get my train in the shot"

serial killer. and too old for prom. 

background going-ons make this one beyond

This guy is a TRUE pimp.

parking lot red carpet.

The inspiration for all ghetto prom attendees. 

I blame Gaga for this one. 

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sponge bob square prom

I could wallpaper my entire apt with this much denim

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