Kay Go Away

Meet Kay.

Kay is disgusting.

Kay doesn't believe in buying toilet paper, as she doesn't see the reason in "buying something that you are just going to throw away".

Kay uses a bar of soup and some water to stay clean. Still not convinced? Kay explains how she stays clean in lieu of Quilted Northern:
"If I took a dump then I also grab soap, wipe myself down with the soap, then I take the water and rise off the soap".

Kay makes me want to die.

Here she is demonstrating:

To continue being the grossest, Kay also won't buy detergent. Here she is using a free sample, washing the dingiest shirt in creation in her bathtub (which we can safely assume is vile) and hanging her wet-but-not-clean t-shirt in her shower. 

She doesn't like driers because they not only shrink fabrics, but also "wears out clothes faster". GAWD. 

You can catch more of Kay and crazies on "Extreame Cheapskates" premiering on TLC on October 16th. 
If you dare. 

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