The Half Ton KILLER....

I assume unless you live under a rock you have heard of the Half Ton Killer. You know Mayra Rosales, the GIANT woman (she weighs 1000 pounds. ONE THOUSAND. I feel skinny) who was accused of killing her nephew (by sitting/rolling on him) and then falsely admitted to being the killer until it came out that her sister (the boy's mother) actually killed him by hitting him with a hairbrush and fatty pants was just covering up for her. 

This is some fucked up shit, 'Merica. 

Her lawyer describes meeting his obese client for the first time and mistaking parts of her body for extra pillows. 

"When you first walk in, she's got a blanket covering her; there's pillows all around her and so you don't know whether it's pillows or whether it's her," he said.

"If you reach back in again, you think this is all pillows. You make a circle and [you realize] that it's Mayra."

i actually have to hand it to this fatty. she pleaded guilty because she didn't want her sister's other children to go without a mother. that is heart warming.

however, when the coroners report stated that the child had died from being beaten not being smothered  they knew it wasn't her because she is too fat to beat someone.

that about covers it. 


  1. Smart (she wanted to make sure the kids had a mother who might beat them to death) and hot. Double threat. Sick. Vom, etc. Is she being bathed above? I can't take it.

  2. Yes, that is how they bathe her big, fat body.