excuses 101

I am the master of excuses. legit. if you want to get out of something, i am your girl.

I am going to start sharing my most genius excuses for your getting out of work/dates/etc pleasure.

Please note: It is never OK to kill off a live family member. if you MUST resort to killing off someone, they MUST already be dead. morbid but true. respek.


The excuse of the day is the DELLEN.

A DELLEN is defined by the medical dictionary as:

A transient shallow depression in the cornea near the limbus which is caused by a local dehydration of the corneal stroma, leading to a compression of its lamellae. It can occur as a result of strabismus surgery, cataract surgery, swelling of the limbus (as in episcleritis or pterygium), rigid contact lens wear or senility.

A dellen is not life threatening, not so gross that you dont want to share the news, but serious enough that you MUST not attend your commitment.

This is what a dellen looks like:

Dellen can also be used as a verb.

Person A: What are you doing tonight?
Person B: UGH I have this date I REALLY dont want to go on.

Go forth, young fledglings! Dellen your life away!


  1. my friend had this! little dayna. i thought she was hungover and skipping work..not so. its nasty as hell to see.

  2. I really hate up close eye photos. Barf.