here kitty kitty

so many cat posts lately i fear i am destined to become one of those "cat ladies"... like this:
but fret not, it just so happens the world is EXPLODING with weird cat shit.

for example, the cat fashion show held last night at the Algonquin hotel, in celebration of the hotel's resident cat Matilda's 15th birthday. Happy Happy Matilds!!!

not only is this bat shit (it's right up there with cat massages) - but they got the worlds WEIRDEST looking cats. they do NOT want to be doing this.

Naturally, put the hairless cat in a weave:
This cat is about to cut a bitch:
Self conscious about being dressed up as the poor cat:
Can't even be bothered(this is Matilda, the bday kitty):
Ok, so they dressed them up...but now they want them to speak!?
wise sensai cat:
This is totally the ring leader cat who is plotting a mayjah mutiny move:

check out more feline fashions HERE

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