once a lewsie, always a lewsie

A new study has come out that concludes your personality is set by the first grade. So, if you were a loser in first grade, chances are you a loser now. Pretty much sums it up.

They found that as adults, the talkative youngsters were interested in intellectual subjects, were controlling, spoke well and had a high degree of intelligence. Children who’d been rated as highly adaptable were cheerful as middle-aged adults, and those who ranked low in adaptability as kids tended to speak negatively about themselves as adults and to display an awkward style when dealing with others.

Less impulsive children grew up to be timid and insecure, but kids who were impulsive grew up to be talkative adults with a wide range of interests.

Moral: Make your kids cool young, there is no time. even jesus cant fix this.

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