new hero alert: Steven Slater

Filed under: Take No Shit. Let this be inspirational to you on a retch Monday as "The Man" beats you down.

On a flight from Pittsburgh to JFK, JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater was hit in the head by a passengers suitcase coming off the overhead bin. When Slater demanded an apology, the two argued and the passenger told Slater to FUCK OFF. THIS my friends, is where it gets good.
FIRST, Slater (AC if you're nasty) gets on the PA system and tells the entire plane to go fuck themselves, and calls out the dude who refused to apologize. THEN, in an act of "It's Monday dont STEP BITCH", Slater activated the emergency escape slide, grabbed 2 beers from the galley and slide down the chute, assumingly quitting his thankless job as a sky cop.


Here is what Slater looks like, just to paint the fullest picture:

This dude is a FULL BLOWN HERO! GAH I bet that slide, where in my mind he was shotgunning those beers, was the most fun this lil cherub has had in weeks. RUN AND TELL THAT!

Read the full story HERE

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